How To Buy WSTFX with ETH

1. Make sure you have installed a Digital Wallet such as Metamask ( or TrustWallet (

2. With your browser on desktop or mobile, go to

3. You first need to connect to our site so we will know where to send the Tokens. Please click on the blue “Connect Wallet Button” at the top of the page. Make sure you are connected by confirming your Address shows up in the Connect Wallet Button.



4. Select ETH in the middle of the payment widget so there is a blue box highlighted around it.

5. You can directly below the ETH selection enter in a value in ETH in the field on the left or number of tokens desired in the right. The opposite field will always calculate based on what you have entered based on the current exchange rate and listing price in USD.

6. Once you have selected the desired amount. Click the “Buy” button. This will trigger your wallet to confirm your intentions to buy the Tokens.

7. The Wallet will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Here you can see the value being transferred, the maximum gas fee that could be charged (actual is usually much less). Click confirm to process the payment for purchase.

8. Once you have confirmed the transaction, It will take a few minutes for the blockchain to confirm the transaction and for the website to be able to see it. After a few minutes you will received a confirmation of the transaction from your wallet, and you will see on the website the quantity of tokens purchased.

The Tokens purchased will be available to claim after the end of the Pre-Sale Period. You can always connect to the website to see your total quantity which will include any AirDrops or contest wins at any time.